Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bet You Can't Eat Just One

(AFTERWORD: After writing all of this, I realize that I just filled my best friend's blogging request! Consider this a part of Spreading the Love February. Check out Our Little Apartment for the details about this challenge to support local businesses and handmade goods. Mmmm. Local is delicious.)

OK. Guilt trip.

This is like the times when I said I would give up sweets for Lent... and then ate a brown on Ash Wednesday. For those of you who may be less familiar with Lent, that means I couldn't even make it one day without my sugar rush. I am ridiculous. Now that four people have shown virtual interest in my claim to be blogging again, I need to actually continue! (Elizabeth, I feel loved. Many thanks.) Later this week I'm going to post about my adventures with filo dough. For now, let's celebrate tired Tuesdays where too many calories are consumed and you are left happily satiated.

Today, we went to Star Pizza. If you live in Houston, you must check this place out.

It felt totally acceptable to go for a date on a Tuesday after a hard day's work, especially because we seem to be managing to save money lately! I worry about money just because it seems like such a big thing to worry about. The world is ending! I'm a yuppie living downtown in the fourth largest city in the world. I must be poor! Right? Right? ... I just always thought I'd be relatively low income. Then, I got married right out of college and thought that sealed the financial deal. Luckily, I'm just paranoid and our world is not going to end. No more worrying. Eat pizza!

This pizza is wonderful. We get the deep dish veggie pizza on whole wheat crust every time... and it's amazing, every time. I am very proud of my homemade pizza and I think it is wonderfully delicious. However, there is something magical about Star Pizza. Everything is fresh in both my homemade version and the restaurant pizza, but Star has some special pizazz that makes me smile. In addition, I get to sit peacefully in an adorable independent local restaurant and talk with my husband while waiting to be served. Some days, a girl just doesn't want to cook

So today, I celebrate the luxury of a healthy, luxurious, local pizza date.

Next post, filo. Filo and I have a love/hate relationship. You'll see.


Jenn said...

sounds delicious! i'm interested in this filo dough post. i've always wanted to try something (baklava?!).

Ronél said...

Just wanted to know - you said 'local is delicious'... that sounds a lot like a South African saying I'm used to "Local is lekker". Are you either South African or familiar with the term? Just thought it was interesting :-)